“The earth is the Lord`s and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it.”
Psalm 24:1    

On-going projects

We are delighted to share the good news with our readers: the priority was to pay off the loan, namely through our "Brick action". And this is now the case, since May, 5th 2017! Praise the Lord for providing and answering our prayers in such an amazing way!

We can now proceed with new projects that have been postponed until the loan could be paid off.

Here are the 2 most urgent needs at the moment:


In February 2015 we built two new classrooms but now two more are urgently needed. The present situation is now so acute that our church hall has been requisitioned and is being used as a kindergarten and a classroom, and our two guest bedrooms have now become teaching spaces. Construction of two new classrooms will be quite easy and straight forward because the foundations are already in place (see picture below), the only thing lacking are the finances.



When we first started the orphanage the girls and boys were all accommodated in the main building but later when they became teenagers it was necessary to separate them, so now the girls live in a hut on the periphery of our property and the boys remain in the main building. The girls hut is sub-standard (see picture below) and it is our hope to rehouse them in a new dormitory as soon as possible. A lady in the UK has already kindly donated some money towards this project but more is needed.


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